Honda Smart Entry System Information

What is the Smart Entry System?

The Smart Entry System is a newer technology feature that makes it possible to lock and unlock your vehicle without using a key or a key fob. The Smart Entry System will be your extra hand for those times when you are carrying groceries. With the Smart Entry System, it’s okay to leave the key fob in your pocket or purse. As long as it is within 32 inches of the vehicle, the system will work correctly.

How does the Smart Entry System work?

To unlock the doors you simply grab the vehicle’s front door handle. It will unlock after a brief delay for signal validation. If you are wearing gloves, the system may respond slowly or may not respond at all. To unlock the tailgate you simply press the trunk release button.

To lock the vehicle you press the door lock button on the front door handle when the vehicle is off. If the smart entry key fob is inside the vehicle, it won’t lock until it is removed. If the smart entry key fob is in the trunk, the vehicle will start beeping and the trunk will pop open. Remember to make sure the fob is within 2-3 feet of the vehicle when you are locking or unlocking it.

How much does the Smart Entry System cost?

This keyless entry system comes standard on all Honda EX models and above, with no additional cost. If having a Smart Entry System is attractive to you, take a look at Germain Honda of Ann Arbor’s current inventory and find a Honda EX vehicle that you like, that’s equipped with the Smart Entry System.