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If you are the type of Honda owner who likes to do their own maintenance, or you’re thinking of adding a new accessory to your Honda car or SUV – the the Honda Parts Department at Honda of Ann Arbor is ready to serve you! Our team of parts professionals has been here for decades and they know Honda vehicles inside and out.

  • Looking for new front brake pads for your Honda Civic? We’ve got ’em.
  • Need a new cabin air filter for your Honda Odyssey? We’ve got that too!
  • What about a replacement key for your Honda? We’ve also got that!
  • Maybe a roof rack for a Honda Element? Of course we have that!

But helping Honda owners get exactly the Honda parts they need for their car is only ‘part’ (get it?) of the reason to visit the experts at Germain Honda of Ann Arbor. They also have great advice to help you with your installation. They know the tiny fasteners and gaskets and hardware you’ll need to do the job right the first time – because we know the WORST part about any DIY project is having to return to the store for something you forgot to get on your original visit.

Need one more reason why Germain Honda of Ann Arbor is your best choice? How about the fact that we can get you the right part without leaving the comfort of the chair you’re sitting in right now! Visit our Honda eStore to find the part you need and we’ll ship it right to your home or office – or use the “Shop Honda Parts” link below – give us a little information about your car – and we’ll even do the look-up for you too!

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