Car Brake Pad Replacement & Service in Ann Arbor, MI

The brake system is one of the most critical systems in a vehicle. If you are experiencing brake problems, visit Germain Honda of Ann Arbor for a brake inspection. We offer genuine Honda brake parts that are designed by Honda’s engineers specifically for your Honda car, truck or SUV. The braking system is a complicated unit. Trust us to provide you with expert service by our Honda certified technicians who know the braking system inside and out.A small amount of your brake’s friction lining is worn off every time you use your brakes. Overtime, the thickness of your brake’s lining gets worn out, which calls for a replacement. Your vehicle gives you warnings when your brakes are in need of an inspection. Here’s some of those warnings and how to know when it’s time to get a brake inspection:

  • When the brake dashboard warning light is on
  • When the brake pedal is slow to respond
  • When vibration occurs during braking situations
  • When your brakes make screeching or grinding noises

In order to maintain your Honda’s braking system, it’s essential to get regular inspections and servicing. With the help of our service mechanics, you will be able to maintain the original performance and reliability of your Honda’s braking system. Our auto mechanics will explain what is required, what is optional and provide you with a quote.

Our Honda dealership offers a wide selection of genuine Honda brake parts such as brake pads, master cylinders, brake rotors and so much more.