Honda Forward Collision Warning Information

Forward Collision Warning Information from Germain Honda of Ann Arbor

What is Honda Forward Collision Warning (FCW)?

A feature in the Honda Sensing™ technology is Forward Collision Warning or FCW. This system alerts a momentarily distracted driver when there is a potentially dangerous situation ahead. FCW is so impressive that it will alert the driver using both audible and visual warning when there is potential for a collision ahead.

How much does Forward Collision Warning cost?

The FCW feature comes standard with the Honda Sensing™ technology. However, if the Honda vehicle you are going to buy does not come with Honda Sensing™, it is $1,500-$2,000 for the upgrade.

How does Forward Collision Warning work?

To use the FCW system you must have it enabled before you begin driving.  It can detect vehicles directly in front of you. So, if the distance between you and a vehicle ahead of you is lessening, FCW compares the vehicles’ current speeds to determine if a collision will occur. The system will alert you with a beeping sound and will flash an amber “Brake” message in the Multi-Information Display.

Which Honda vehicles have Forward Collision Warning?

Every Honda that comes with Honda Sensing™ technology is equipped with FCW.