Honda Finance Protection Products

At Honda of Ann Arbor in Michigan, we have extra vehicle products to help you protect your Honda vehicle. Contact a Honda Finance Expert in Ann Arbor to learn more about our GAP Protection, our extended warranties, tire and wheel protection, dent and ding protection, paint and interior protection, and improved windshield durability.

Need more information? Contact Honda of Ann Arbor or learn more from our Honda Finance Center.

Honda Guaranteed Asset Protection Plan

Guaranteed Asset Protection

  • Designed to cover the “GAP” when faced with a total loss of your vehicle.
  • Covers your insurance deductible to up to $1000
Germain AdvantEdge Vehicle Service Contract

Germain AdvantEdge Vehicle Service Contract

  • Extends your Factory Warranty coverage
  • Protects your budget
  • Controls Depreciation
  • Rental Benefit
  • Towing Benefit
  • Trip Interruption
Honda Multi-Shield Protection

Germain Multi-Shield

  • Tire and Wheel Protection
  • Dent and Ding Protection
  • Complimentary Windshield Repair
  • Complimentary Roadside Assistance
Honda Super Polysteel Protection

Super Polysteel

  • Environmental Paint & Interior Protection
  • Optional Dent Protection
Honda Crystal Fusion Protection

Crystal Fusion

  • Improves Windshield Durability
  • Improves clarity and visibility during incremental weather
  • Deflects Small Road Debris Reducing Damage
  • Backed By Safelite