Honda Car Battery Service In Ann Arbor, MI

Your car’s battery is an important part of your vehicle. Without your battery, your vehicle won’t turn on. Making sure your battery is clear of rust and checking its voltage is crucial for maintaining your battery. However, a car battery will slowly lose its charge over time and need to be changed.

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How long does a car battery last from Honda?

The average battery life is four to six years. There are a lot of factors that influence the life of a battery such as scorching and/or freezing temperatures, short trips, and if your car is parked for a long time period of time without starting. The biggest influence on a battery’s lifespan is the environment you live in. If you live in a warmer climate, it’s a smart idea to get your car battery tested after ~2 years of ownership. In a colder environment, you can wait 4 years to inspect the performance.

How to know if you need a new battery

“If I only knew sooner” is what probably goes through your mind when your battery for your car fails. However, there are many indications and symptoms that your car battery might need to be replaced.

Slow Engine Crank

Described as a ”slow stuttering” noise when starting your vehicle. If the “cranking” aspect of the engine is delayed and takes longer than normal to start, you may need to replace your battery in your vehicle.

Check Battery Light

The battery light may appear on your vehicle’s dashboard and represent a malfunction in your vehicle’s charging system.

Low Battery Fluid

Batteries typically have a section of the casing that’s clear so you can check its fluid level. If the fluid level is under the plates inside, it may be time to have the charging system of the car battery inspected.

Why Buy Batteries at Germain Honda of Ann Arbor Service Center

Free Battery Check

If your car is showing any signs of a dying battery, our professionally trained technicians at our Service Center will gladly test your battery to verify it’s in excellent working condition.

Manufacturer Recommended Batteries

When you visit our Service Center at Germain Honda of Ann Arbor, you can rest assured that we only install car batteries that are specifically designed for your Honda. Our batteries provide much better performance and keep your vehicle performing like new.

Certified Technicians & Equipment

At Germain Honda of Ann Arbor, we have experienced technicians and equipment to make sure your car’s battery functions at its best. During regular service, our experts will perform a car battery test, remove corrosion from your battery cable terminals, replace the battery if necessary, and properly dispose of the existing battery.